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1/20/24 Divine God


This topic brewed up from a Spiritual Sesh at Dream House Lounge about a week or two ago.


In a conversation with Oba Yoko, what came up was how folks are not aware of how much goes into operating a spiritual dwelling such as Dream House Lounge - a beautiful healing place and sober bar that Oba dreamed up himself.


Spirit was nudging me to respond, and if I can be honest, I almost didn't (pray for me, y'all.) I brought up that I had to learn that exact same lesson recently. In my instance, I had recently told my community that I didn't feel supported. 


Community's response: 

“Well, Divine/Candice (I hold both my birth and spiritual names), I haven't heard you ask for help”. This person then went on and said, “each time I speak to you, you say, ‘You got it’, and ‘You're okay’".


And in talking with Oba Yoko, "Quiet Work" came up. I will admit that Spirit didn't give me the full understanding until sitting at my altar just now.


Quiet work is usually something that visionaries carry.  Folks who receive the vision and many times vision(s), and they roll those visions out Quietly. The world can be a very ugly place (I know), so sometimes it feels imperative to keep things quiet and just keep the work going.


Now listen, I'm not saying we don't have to keep some things quiet until Spirit tells us to release. However, folks can't help us visionaries if we don't share what it takes or what we need, to bring the vision forward.


I heard Oba say he's been traveling here and there to lead healing work, make money, PAY DREAM HOUSE LOUNGE BIILS, and waking up before sunrise to do his own spiritual work to ensure he's not pouring from an empty place.


So, what does "quiet work" or visionaries need to feel supported by community?

  1. If they have a non-profit, "GIVE," Dream House Lounge has a commercial and non-profit business. So please give. Link here.
  2. Ask the visionaries "randomly" how they can be supported right now. (they may not always be gifted in the area of asking for help)
  3. Word of mouth: make sure you talk them up in the community. Especially if you can't support the quiet worker financially. Share their social media posts once a week.


What can Visionaries do to share their "quiet work" or background work within the community?

  1. Be transparent and ask for support. The second time I met David, he cried and told me he was concerned with paying the bills at Dream House Lounge. I didn't have much in my bank account, but I gave $100. I know what it's like when you need to pay your mortgage or operational costs, and while $100 may not be a lot, you feel seen "financially" and remain encouraged to keep going by the community.
  2. Share our personal work in Safe Spaces. Sometimes, we want people to feel like we have it all together when they see us. Two things can be true: we can "look" like we have it all together + also be on our knees begging God for a sign or a check to come through today to pay our mortgage. I also feel called to say when folks are donating or paying for services, they are also paying for all the "prior to" work & knowledge that we’ve had to do to be able to service them, or the spiritual work we commit to daily that they may never see us do. We get to demand our worth and don’t allow folks to shortchange us or themselves by going with someone or someplace cheaper.
  3. Trust- Sometimes it's just sitting still a little longer. 

To all my fellow "Quiet Workers", know that we are operating purposefully and manifesting mavens.

I love you






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